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Telehealth visits for the Ear Institute of Chicago

Our office is open during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the crisis, the Ear Institute of Chicago is offering a new convenient option for those who wish to receive great care without an in-office visit.

You can now schedule a virtual visit with your doctor or audiologist from the safety and comfort of your home using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Virtual visits are best for those with complaints of tinnitus and/or hearing loss, and for those who have had a recent hearing evaluation. The hearing evaluation can be faxed or emailed to our office prior to the virtual visit (also known as Telehealth virtual visit).

Most insurers, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, are covering virtual care appointments at this time with no required co-pays.

To schedule, please call our office (630-789-3110) and ask if a virtual visit is an option for your situation. Our office will need your email address or your smartphone number to schedule a Telehealth visit.

Setting Up a Telehealth Visit

Join through the web

1. Our office will send you an email with a link to join the Telehealth meeting. Click on the link "Join Zoom Meeting" a few minutes before the planned start of the meeting. (Example for Gmail account below):

Join Zoom Meeting Gmail

Example to join Telehealth meeting using Outlook below:

Join Zoom Meeting Outlook

Click Open zoom:

Open Zoom

Select "Join with Computer Audio":

Join Zoom with Computer Audio

You are ready for the Telehealth visit!

Join through a mobile device

1. Download the "Zoom Cloud Meetings" app either through Google Play or the App Store.

Download Zoom Cloud Meeting App

Click on the email or text invitation on your mobile device a few minutes before the time of the scheduled Telehealth visit. The first time Zoom opens on your mobile device, it will ask you to enter your name. After you enter your name, it may ask to "Allow Zoom to record audio." If so, click "Allow".

Then, you will see the screen below on an Apple device, click "Call using Internet Audio". (For Android users, you may see a screen that includes, "Call via Device Audio". If so, click "Call via Device Audio".)

Join Zoom Audio

You are ready for the Telehealth visit!