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Ear Institute of Chicago Hearing Aid Center

Your dedicated physician and audiologists at the Ear Institute of Chicago, have a unique physician/Doctor of Audiology partnership that provides a treatment solution for every patient’s hearing loss based on specific needs. It is our unique combination of experience and technology, combined with a true concern for each patient in trying to find the best treatment for hearing loss.

After a comprehensive history, ear exam, ear cleaning of ear wax (if needed), and hearing evaluation, the results of the evaluation are reviewed immediately with the patient. If necessary, a recommended course of action is then given to the patient. Our unique physician/audiology collaboration allows for medical assessment followed by treatment as needed for each individual.

A wide range of hearing aid technology and a host of features are available in each hearing aid style. The cost of hearing aids generally depends on the technology and the number of features of the device; not necessarily on the style selected.

Hearing care is so much more than hearing aids...

Where is the “real value" in professional hearing care?
Is it the hearing aid?
Is it the professional skills?
The answer is:
BOTH the hearing aid and the professional skills

Our practice is unique in that we:

  • Consider factors such as reliability of product and service support from the manufacturer.
  • Are knowledgeable of performance characteristics of the hearing aid as they relate to the individual needs of the patient.
  • Conduct verification of performance during the hearing aid fitting.
  • Perform validation of fitting goals during adjustment and while the hearing aids are being worn by the patient.

The professional skills of the team at the Ear Institute of Chicago include more than just technology selection and fitting skills.

We utilize A Comprehensive Hearing Care strategy uses that utilizes additional professional protocols and adds more value and transparency

Hearing treatment is based upon a communication needs assessment. Evaluation leads to a hearing treatment plan.

There is great value in today’s hearing aid technology and that value is maximized by the skills of the professional.

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